Email & Newsletter Copywriting

Get Your Message Direct to Your Audience

You’ve followed digital marketing wisdom and you’ve built yourself an email list which you’re working hard to nurture and maintain. You’ve created the most awesome lead magnet and your audience is keen to hear more from you. 

There’s only one problem- what on earth can you share? 

How can you cut through all those spam emails, rise above the competition and get into your audiences inboxes? 

Most importantly of all, how can you get your emails opened, read, enjoyed and acted upon? How can you use the power of email to drive sales and build that community? 

It’s not easy. But you needn’t worry because that’s exactly what I’m here to do. 

Drawing on years of experience, I can help you cut through the digital noise to provide valuable and informative emails and newsletters that will:

  • Share your expertise with your audience
  • Build your community
  • Provide extra value to your customers
  • Boost branding and build trust 
  • Drive traffic and conversions
  • Get more shares
  • Promote upcoming events, workshops, programmes and retreats

Better than social media platforms

Despite what you might have heard, email still works better than social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to finding new customers, reaching your existing customers and building community. 

With a massive 4300% return on investment, money spent on email marketing is money very well spent indeed. 

Of course, anyone can write an email. But writing a stellar email that drives conversion and engages your audience is something else altogether. Allow me to craft professional content that speaks your client’s language, shares your expertise and encourages them to engage.  

Why choose me

–> High quality email copywriting 

–> Unique content tailored to your requirements

–> Fast turnaround

–> Perfect balance of tone and personality

What you get with every email

  • Tried and tested engagement tactics that work
  • Subject lines that boost open rates and encourage interest
  • Optimal formatting to encourage engagement and promote action
  • Delivery in the format you require
  • Optional uploading to the service provider of your choice (for an additional charge)
  • In depth research to help your content to shine and appeal to your target audience 

Email Copywriting Service

Whether you’re looking for a one-off email to announce something exciting, a regular newsletter to keep your clients engaged and drive sales or a welcome email series that helps transform new visitors into loyal fans, I can offer the perfect solution. 

Hire me to write your marketing emails today

Contact me today and we’ll get started ASAP.