Grow Your Community & Make Them Hit That ‘Buy’ Button

Want to grow your email list or launch a brand-new offer but don’t have the expertise to create it yourself?

Brilliant Autoresponders & Sales Emails That Convert

Ever fired up your inbox, opened up an email and thought ‘WOW! This sounds AMAZING! I NEED THIS!’

You can’t stop thinking about it. You NEED it now. 

When you read it, it was as if the person at the other end really ‘got’ you. 

Knew exactly how you were feeling. Exactly what problems you’re facing (even if you’ve never admitted them to yourself!!) 

And, most importantly for you, what exactly you can do right now to solve them. 

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

So you quickly check your finances then, go ahead and click that ‘buy’ button. 

You can’t wait to get started!! 

These female entrepreneurs are the ones who’ve got it right. They know exactly how to craft engaging, authentic and useful emails that fire you up inside and make you want to become part of their community. 

And they make it look soo easy. 

But now you’re launching your product or service or growing your email list, writing your own autoresponder emails can feel stressful and overwhelming when you’re doing it alone. 

You can find yourself spending too much time attempting to put the right words together. 

And even then, they often don’t have the impact you wanted.

They don’t get opened. Don’t get clicked.

And don’t help you accelerate your business success in the way you wanted. 


Autoresponders & Sales Funnel Writing Service

Pssst! I’ll let you in on a tiny secret…I LOVE writing autoresponders. 

I adore stepping into the shoes of the female entrepreneurs I’m writing for, connecting authentically with their audience and helping them and their brand shine brightly in the world. 

That’s how I can consistently deliver results.

Exceed my clients’ expectations.

And help them land the sign-ups and sales they deserve. 

Collaborate with me and we can do the same.

We can create awesome sales funnels, autoresponders and opt-in sequences that help you grow your email list, get more sign-ups for your programme and get them engaged.

Did I mention that it also frees you up to work on what you’re best at?

It’s stress-free and oh-so- easy.

What’s included…

With my done-for-you autoresponder or sales email funnel service, you get…

✔ In-depth 30 minute ‘get to know you’ chat so I can learn about you, your business and goals

✔ 10 x unique targeted emails that will get your dream audience to pay attention, engage with your brand and hit that ‘buy’ button

✔ One round of amendments or revisions

Looking for another option? Have a question? Get in touch and we can have a chat.

How it works…

1. Get in touch

Pop your details into the form below and tell me more about your needs.

2. Let’s chat

I’ll get back in touch ASAP and we’ll schedule a chat so I can find out more about your unique business and marketing goals.

3. Get your info & quote

After our chat, I’ll send you full details of what we’ve discussed with a 100% personalised quote.

4. Agreement

Keen to get started? Awesome. I’ll send you over a contract which you need to fill in and send back over.

5. Receive your brand new webcopy

Before you know it, you’ll receive your completed website copy, landing page, opt-in/freebie copy, short sales page or emails. Woohoo!

6. Enjoy your new copy

Simply upload the copy to your website or email provider and watch the magic happen.