If you have any questions about my content writing and copywriting service, please have a look at the answers below.

Who are you?

Hey there! I’m Charlotte Witts. I’m a content writer, copywriter, and if one of my long-term clients is to be believed, I’m a word-fairy too!

If you want to know more about me, visit my ‘About Me’ page or get in touch.

How much do you charge?

I have a very affordable hourly rate for my copywriting services which are in line with the recommended rates outlined by the Professional Copywriters Network. Compared to other copywriters, my fees are around the middle of the range.

However, I prefer to quote a per-project price so you know exactly how much the project will cost and what is included.This means there’ll be no nasty surprises for you once you receive the invoice.

How do you take payment?

I like to keep things simple. I’ll need to take a 50% deposit before I start working on your copy. The balance is payable within two weeks of delivery of the first draft. You can also pay in advance if you prefer.

You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer.

What’s included?

I’ll provide you with a detailed quote that outlines exactly what’s included for you project.

This includes everything I need to write your copy, including meetings or discussions, research, writing time, edits and proofing plus any extras we’ve already agreed on.

How long will my copy take?

Before I do anything else, I’ll ask you when your deadline is. Provided that it’s not too last minute, I’ll have your copy ready for then. I’ll also include full details of timescale in your quote and keep you posted throughout the process.

If you’d like to know how a project is getting on, feel free to get in touch.

Can you take on projects at short notice?

In an ideal world, I need around a week to schedule new projects and to create optimal-quality copy.

However, feel free to get in touch if you have a tighter deadline and I’ll do my best to help.

Do you provide free samples?

Unfortunately, I don’t provide free samples. Great copy takes time to develop so a sample wouldn’t do my copywriting justice. It also takes time to research, structure, draft, edit and proofread and I need to charge for that time.

I’m in another country. Can you still write my copy?

Yep! Although I’m currently based in Portugal, I write for clients from locations such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and many more.

The wonders of technology make this all easy!

What if I’m not happy with my copy?

I offer two rounds of amendments (within reason) for every project to ensure that you’re happy with the final copy.

However, if you decide to change the brief after the copy has been written, I’ll need to create it as a separate project and invoice accordingly.

Can you write for my industry?

I specialise in writing about linguistics and language learning, outdoors sports, and health and wellness.

However, I certainly don’t limit myself to these. 🙂 I love the added stimulation of getting to grips with a new industry and its unique complexities.

By asking the right questions, I can understand your industry, your brand and also your target audience.

Can you also do editing?

Yep! If you’d prefer to write your own copy, you can send it over to me for a full polish.

What copywriting services do you provide?

As a freelance copywriter, I cover most types of marketing copy.

This includes blog posts, website copy, SEO copy, marketing emails, eBooks, case studies, video scripts and more.

If the service you require isn’t on the list, reach out and ask.

Who owns the copyright?

You do. Once I’ve completed the project and full payment has been made, you own the copyright. However, as part of my terms and conditions, I do ask that I can use snippets of my previous work for marketing purposes.

Still have a question?

Then get in touch. Head to my contact me page to find out how.