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Why Should I Hire a Content Writer?

‘Because content writers are awesome, creative people who can bring a smile to your face.’


But seriously. If you’re running any kind of business and you want to stand out in a crowded market, give your customers the answers or solutions they need and grow your business, you need to have a skilled content writer on your team.

What the marketing experts started to say all those years ago has never been truer. Content really is king. And if you haven’t got engaging, compelling content, then your business is going to struggle to reach its full potential. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should take the plunge and hire that content writer. 

1. You’ll save yourself a ton of time

Sick of spending hours writing blog posts when all you really want to do is run your yoga studio? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Hiring a content writer takes all this stress and hard work off your shoulders so you can focus your effort on doing what counts- building a highly successful business. 

2. Your website content will be pro standard 

If other content writers are anything like me, they’ve probably written thousands or even tens of thousands of blog posts, articles, newsletters, web pages and other types of content over the course of their careers.

They know what works when it comes to writing for the web, they know all those SEO tricks that make a difference and they choose the words that work. They know how to build trust. They’re experts on storytelling, using emotions to encourage engagement and building trust. 

Most importantly, their content will be free from keywords stuffing (does that still happen??), free from fluff and flow beautifully. 

3. You’ll boost your rankings

Every business wants to get higher in the Google Rankings. A content writer knows exactly how they can help make this happen so you’re more likely to stand out above your competitors and achieve more of those vital conversions. 

4. Your reputation will shine

Honestly, a client or customer can tell when you’re written your own content and haven’t hired a professional. 

They see it in those typos and those grammatical mistakes. The text doesn’t flow as it should, or doesn’t quite come across in the way you intended it to. Or it contains far too much jargon. 

Hiring a professional content writer will get you crisp and compelling content that counts. 

5. You’ll make more sales

We all want to sell more of our services and stuff, right? That’s what a great copywriter or content writer can help you do. 

By being the voice of your brand, your static customer service representative and your personal cheerleader, you’ll show the world how awesome you really are and make more sales. 

6. You’ll save money

When you hire someone to write your content, you’re actually making an investment into your own business.

Whether you get results immediately or over time, you will enjoy a fantastic return on investment (ROI) that helps you build your business into a brand that lasts. 

As you can see from the above, my original statement wasn’t far off the truth…;)

Hire a content writer and you won’t need to worry about keeping up with your content creation or blogging, you’ll grow your business, you’ll make more sales AND potentially save yourself money!