Creative Copywriting for Female Entrepreneurs that Helps Your Brand Shine Online (and Convert!)

Create online magic, speak your authentic voice, nurture your community and make a real difference with my personality-rich, no-nonsense copywriting service. 

Whether you’re looking for autoresponders, sales emails, website copy, blog posts or need a skilled copywriting expert to transform what you already have, I’m your girl!

Become the successful female business owner you DESERVE to be

…with expert customer-led copywriting
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When you’re a female entrepreneur or business owner, life is hectic and you’re constantly juggling everything on your ‘to do’ list. 

There’s NO WAY you have the time or the mental energy to create copy for your website, emails, online courses or blog posts. 

Let’s be honest…you’ve got MUCH better things to do than slaving away for hours over a blank page, only to come up with so-so-copy. 

Even if you’re satisfied with what you’ve written, without the experience or know-how, you’re likely to hear nothing but crickets…

But imagine if you could become a successful female business owner who…

⭐ Attracts and retains those dream clients who LOVE what you do (and WANT to spend money)

⭐ Nurtures authentic relationships with your community (and keeps them coming back for more!)

⭐ Feels confident, in control and totally empowered, knowing that everything is in the hands of experts who consistently deliver results

⭐ Grows their brand effortlessly with targeted, customer-led messaging in your authentic voice so you stand our online

This WILL be you. 

Attracting, converting and retaining your dream clients or customers can become stress-free and almost effortless when you collaborate with me. 

Yes, you CAN enjoy the freedom and financial success you dreamed of when you started your business.

My words will work that magic 💫

With over 10 years of experience under my belt, I know exactly how to capture your authentic voice, connect with your audience, attract Google’s attention and help you achieve the level of business success you know you deserve.

My approach…

Crystal Clear

Copy that’s jargon-free, fresh and easy to understand.


You won’t find sleazy sales techniques or pressure here. Just words that help connect you with those who need your help. 


By using your unique brand voice and ‘isms’ we can get your audience to stand up, take notice and become loyal fans.


I use green web hosting provider, Ethical Host which is 100% powered by renewable energy and carbon offsets and donates 10% of its profits.


Messaging that meets the needs of your clients or customers and compels them to take action.


No bull***. No pretending to be something that you’re not. Collaborate with me and we can share your authentic voice so you can stand out online.

I want to work with you if you’re a female entrepreneur or business owner who…

👉🏿 Offers brilliant coaching, online courses, digital products or even face-to-face services
👉🏿 Dreams about outsourcing to a copywriter that ‘gets’ their vision and LOVES collaboration
👉🏿 Genuinely cares about making a difference to their clients or customers lives
👉🏿 Wants to create outstanding copy in their unique voice and personality without having to write it themselves
👉🏿 Believes that the sky is the limit when it comes to business success

Want to know about what my copywriting can help you achieve? Here’s a snapshot…

🎯 X3 INCREASE in Open Rates

I’ve helped clients get average open rates of an eye-popping 54% (The average is usually around 6%)

🎯 X6 INCREASE in Click-Through Rates

Want more engagement and get people to click your links? I helped one female wellness coach boost hers by 6 TIMES!

Want the same results for YOUR business?

Collaborate with me and we can become the dream team that connects with your audience, gets them engaged and turns them into loyal (paying) clients


“She’s changed the way I think about my business 100% and got my vision from the offset which makes it a lot easier for us to work together virtually. Highly recommended! ”

ELESHIA HARRIS- founder of The Eleshia Show podcast

“Charlotte’s writing skills are INCREDIBLE! She asked the right questions to really get to know me and my business well then created an about me page that made me sound fantastic! Better than I could have imagined!”

EMMA FAY- female entrepreneur & personal trainer

“If you’re looking for someone who is creative, reliable, easy to work with, amazing at what she does and a great team member, you have found your person!”

SOPHIE GRAY- female entrepreneur

“Charlotte has always taken the time to understand me and the message I want to share with my audience, then communicates that in a way that is simple yet compelling. Thank you!”

PAMELA WINDLE- women’s health coach

What I can do for you?


From £30

“I’m sick of trying so hard and investing hours in my blog posts but not getting results. I want a pro copywriter to take over!


From £50

“I need a pro to create optimized website copy or a landing page so it attracts and converts my dream clients!”


From £30

“I’ve already got copy but I want it to connect better with buyers, elevate my brand and get me more sales.”


Who are you?

Hey there! I’m Charlotte Witts. I’m a linguistics graduate, a lifelong language lover and get a real buzz when I hear how I’ve helped to transform the online success of female-owned businesses around the world.

Nothing makes me smile more than your ‘thank you’ messages or seeing how your metrics have skyrocketed since we started collaborating. 

I’ve been serving female entrepreneurs for more than a decade now whilst travelling around the world with my (now teenage) son. 

Want to know more? Visit my ‘About Me’ page or book your chat today. 

Do you have space for me? What is your availability

I prefer to give my female entrepreneur clients the full VIP treatment so we can collaborate closely and bring their sparkly vision to life. This means I only accept a handful of websites, launch projects or new clients each month.

If you’d like to be one of the lucky few or check my availability, use the enquiry form below and I’ll get back in touch ASAP.

Yes! I want to collaborate. How do we get started?

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3. We’ll chat about the next steps and get the ball rolling!

Can you take on projects at short notice?

I’d love to! But that depends on how many projects I’m currently working on. Get in touch if you have a tight deadline and need my help urgently and I’ll let you know if I have space.

I’m not a female entrepreneur but I want your help. Is that possible?

Yes! I’ve created engaging copy for a variety of industries and sectors and love nothing more than a brand-new challenge. Fill in the enquiry form below and we can discuss what you need.

Discover how my creative copywriting for female entrepreneurs can help elevate your business and boost its success.

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